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Kickoff Savings!

Start the season a WINNER!  This September,Ralph at Northlake takes $20 OFF your order of $100 or more.
Ralph Sep 17

  1. When you call to place your order, tell the Service Consultant that you qualify for Special Offer WINNER2017.
  2. And, we’ll take $20 OFF your order of $100 or more.
  3. Then, print this page and give it to the Driver when he delivers your part.

Limitations: Special monthly offer NOT valid with any other discount; Limit one redemption per customer during September; Expires last day of September; NOT valid for use by any “Parts Yard” or “Parts Recycler”.


Parts from Northlake Auto Recyclers are clean and green. We're recognized by IDEM as a leader in contributing to the environment by effective recycling.

As a result of this unique Process, Customers can be confident they'll receive the exact part ordered, in the condition promised, when they need it, each and every time.

Recognized and Affiliated!

2016 CAR Member of the Year

2016 CAR Member of the Year

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Yard Tour